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Skip Tracing for a Good Cause - Accident Investigators, Albuquerque New Mexico

An Albuquerque, NM law firm needed skip tracing help in order to find heirs who were owed money damages for the wrongful death of their mother in a car accident. The heirs were minors at the time their mom died, and after her death they were split up to live with relatives, but no one knew where.

As is often the case in motor vehicle accident investigations, police were happy to close the case by blaming an inebriated driver who flipped the car, without looking any further as to contributing factors in the accident. EMRA, Inc. accident investigators were hired shortly after the accident to find all of the relevant causes, and it was found that an unlighted roadway under construction, with an unmarked gravel pile in the middle of a travel lane, presented an unreasonable hazard, and both the general contractor and their traffic signing and marking sub-contractor were to blame.

By the time the case was well into litigation, the heirs to the deceased woman's estate had vanished, and EMRA, Inc. investigators were asked to locate them.

The job required creativity and dedication. With nothing more than family names and some former addresses to work from, family trees were followed down, relatives twice and three times removed were located, and one after another was interviewed, Leads to other relatives were developed and followed up - covering ground from Texas to Montana and Oregon to Virginia - and eventually the heirs were found in three different states. Even the "black sheep" of the family was found, living on the fringes of society with no steady means of support, sleeping on a friend's couch.

The case was successfully concluded and the heirs, who'd had no idea they would ever be compensated for the loss of their mother, were able to pursue higher education, enter business, and generally thrive. This was truly skip tracing for a good cause.

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