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Negligent Pursuit - Hire an Accident Investigator Albuquerque, New Mexico

A man is injured in a late-night intersection collision so violent that he is ejected from the vehicle in which he is riding as a passenger, and thrown into a nearby decorative boulder, resulting in severe head and facial injuries.

The driver of the vehicle which ran a stop sign and caused the accident was fleeing police.

No witnesses are listed on the police report. Interviews of nearby residents by EMRA, Inc. personnel reveal that no police sirens were heard until after the loud boom of the accident. Interestingly, a dog who lives nearby and always reacts to sirens, gave no sign of hearing anything until after the collision.

The attorney representing the injured passenger proceeds to litigation, and dispatch recordings of the police chase reveal that no siren is activated until after the pursuing officer reports over the radio that a collision has occurred. The police department settles with the injured man to the full extent of their statutory liability after discovery is concluded.

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