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The Best In Private Investigator, Accident

Investigation, Private Eyes and more:

  • Applicant Screening of prospective tenants or employees.
  • Backgrounds tailored to purpose - fraud detection, suitors, prospective business associates, positions of high trust.
  • Asset investigations, property ownership.
  • Skip Trace / Location of Persons
  • Liability, causation and instrumentality assessments for accident investigations.
  • Accident and injury investigations - on scene and behind the scenes.
  • Accident Reconstruction.
  • Audio and image enhancement using the most advanced proprietary technology.
  • Witness relations.
  • Hire a Private Eye to Confirm, clarify, uncover identity of persons or businesses, predecessors and successors in business interest, corporate ownership and agency, etc.
  • Technical scene inspection for code compliance, causation, human factors, etc.
  • Security surveys.
  • Loss mitigation analysis.
  • Tracking and surveillance in the North Valley, NM South Valley, NM, Corrales, NM and Carnuel, NM and Albuqerque, NM area.
  • Undercover/secret shopper/shrinkage mitigation.

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Accident investigation, Albuquerque, NM

NM license #2310. We serve North Valley, NM, South Valley, NM, East Mountains, Tijeras NM, Corrales, NM Bernalillo, NM and Carnuel, NM and Albuquerque, NM. We offer accident investigations for all the listed areas, plus boots-on-ground services also available through licensed, bonded affiliates in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Virgin Islands and other areas. Call for details. - A Private Investigator, private detective or private eye-Security-Process Server Portal Website, providing; International Referral Network & Directories-Spy Gear-Cameras & Software-PI Gear-Career Info-Legal Forms and more.  

It's important to arm yourself with knowledge that will keep you a move ahead of schemers, frauds, or adverse counsel. EMRA is a group of highly trained experts using state-of-the-art high-tech investigation for locator services, accident investigators, and good old-fashioned private eyes and private investigators. We create cost-effective plans aimed at maximum bang for the dollar on your simplest or most complex assignments.

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